You managed to get yourself into some hot water aboard “The Wheel”. It didn’t take too long to bring the Blasted Asteroid Cantina in lock down. Helon managed to take on Yav Yiyar while the others planted a tracking device on “Too Low” Talo. However, Duarte decided to unleash the power of stun grenades and get you put into lock down. 500 credits later, you are released on your own accord and meet up with Reom and get more information about the Sa Nalaor. It appears the hyperspace pod had some information on its last location and Reom wants to split the take 50/50. After your meeting though a rather sly Rodian might have overheard your meeting with Reom and with him getting away it is just a matter of time before the station knows Reom still has the pod. Time is of the essence.

Reom is a Black Market Tech dealer who wants the Sa Nalaor and her many secrets….


Edge of the Empire: Bounty Hunters

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