Edge of the Empire: Bounty Hunters

A debt to Black Sun

With Coruscant police on your trail you decide to lay low and investigate one of Kaa’to Leeachos’s normal stomping grounds, The Spyder. It is a normal gaming club with one exception. It is known to be a front for Black Sun activity whom also wants to speak with you regarding the data taken just earlier from their surveillance warehouse. Listening to whispers and others at the club you managed to talk with Verannis, a Black Sun Vigo. Verannis is a cool and calm Falleen whom made it very clear that the shipment of spice was supposed to be delivered to them and to pay back their loses at the warehouse you had agreed to give him the spice shipment you find. The sound of his voice tells you that if you fail to do so could result in your untimely demise. After you gathered information at the Spyder you went to Zelcomm Tower to investigate its connection to Kaa’to. While Duarte and Kyndal distracted the facility, Oskara, Helon and Orion slipped in and found information related to arms shipments. After a few close calls they soon found themselves in a hangar bay where many thugs are loading arms shipments. It isn’t long before they see you….

Verannis is not a person to mess with. His voice alone gives you shivers….




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