Edge of the Empire: Bounty Hunters

A wanted Nikto

You were recently tasked by Embo to find a Nikto whom stated he worked for House Neuvalis. This Nikto stated that he would intercept a spice shipment for the Spyke Syndicate. However, the Spice shipment never came to its destination and leads have come up dry. Embo has tasked you to locate him. In negotiations with the Spyke Syndicate it appears that they not only want the Spice back but they would also like to talk or see that the Nikto is dealt with. After blowing your way into and out of a Black Sun information house, you also managed to blow out The Umbra club trying to find Speng, a human male, whom is stated to know who the Nikto was. The Nikto’s name is Kaa’to Leeachos, The heat is on thick. Not only is Corusant security on your tail, but Black Sun is also investigating the confrontation at the warehouse. It is not safe to leave your hotel, but you must get to Kaa’to soon, or else he and the shipment will be gone for good.
Kaa’to Leeachos is a low life smuggler with a taste for unwanted trouble. He leaves bodies in his wake….




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