Edge of the Empire: Bounty Hunters

Another Hutt deal......

Game on 9/12/2014

Embo has told you that your next acquisition is Marv Moray. A local Hutt by the name of Bargo’s has agreed to tell you where he believes him to be and give you permission to search his newly acquired Ordian Mine. However, it seems Bargo’s is desperate for cash and a scuffle with his ex-bodyguards proves just how desperate Bargo’s is to get information about his new mine and to take the money he so desperately wants. A nice gesture by Duarte has gotten on the good side of Bargo’s by giving him a Jawa sandcrawler as a gift. After you performed HR duties for Bargo’s you went to Gavos to inspect his mining facility. The facility is on a planet with a highly corrosive atmosphere, but the shield generators around the mine keep it safe. After landing there you find that most of the crew is dead and just a handful of droids remain. The investigation is still underway, but the shield generators are going down one by one. There seems to be more to this mine. In addition to not even finding Marv yet, it seems this may be the last planet you ever step on……

Helon, Oskara, Duarte and Orion all got 5 XP for last game. Just let me know at the next game what you want to spend it on or if you want to save it. Great job everyone it was a fun game. See you next game!

The Shadow Roper, a heavy modified Incom A-36 Pathfinder freighter, was given to the group of bounty hunters by Embo to serve as their flagship. It seems to need lots of work and perhaps a shady past….




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