Edge of the Empire: Bounty Hunters

Droids and Miners


EV-8D3 may have gotten away, but you still got your man. With the help of Helon and Orion they managed to stop “Lookout”, a Arakyd Searcher 2050 Exploration Droid, from destroying the shield generators that protected the mining facility long enough for you to collect Marv and get off planet. It seems that with an extended amount of time between memory wipes and lack of investments into the maintenance of the droids somehow had caused the droids to revolt. Unfortunately EV got away, but Marv was willing to come with you under the condition that the miners would get the pay they worked for and desperately needed. However a deal wasn’t cut with Bargos and they got pink slips instead of the money they deserved. It’s a rough galaxy out there isn’t it? You got a very welcomed payday along with the papers into your guild. Each one of you are now licensed bounty hunters in House Neuvalis. You are carefully instructed in the “The Bounty Hunter Code” and are set free to spend your money and to wait for your next assignment. Our heroes are currently docked on Tatooine with open space at their fingertips.

EV-8D3 attempts to fix his droid minions to further his twisted goals…..




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