Edge of the Empire: Bounty Hunters

Tin'kata Captured


It wasn’t long before Sam helped you to find Tin’kata. As Sam meditated for hours searching for the hate and anger that radiated from your acquisition, you all looked at each other in amazement as he brought you straight to him. Sam wasted no time in leaving you to your destiny. He saw fit that his path lay elsewhere, but not to give up on seeing him once again. Tin’kata was not as smart as his bounty hunters. Leaving a large gap and kill zone for his droids to chew his prey alive didn’t seem to make a difference with the wits and skill of his pursuers. Oskara, Duarte and Orion managed to make it out without problems, but one of their new comrades fell hard to the disrupter rifle of Tin’kata. Kyndal’s arm broken in 5 different places managed to open the group’s eyes to the real dangers of bounty hunting. In the end some saw credits; others saw Tin’kata put in prison not to prey on the unwary on Tatooine ever again. Embo paid you your credits and got you onto your next assignment. As a gesture of good faith he provided you with an outdated, but very nice Freighter Star Ship the “Shadow Roper” and advised you to see Bargo’s the Hutt…….

Tin’kata (Jawa Warlord)




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