Edge of the Empire: Bounty Hunters

Tracking a Nikto


After a little rest and relaxation, you get contacted by Embo for your next acquisition. Apparently a rogue bounty hunter has been using House Neuvalis as a cover for his operations. The bounty hunter whom had gone by a fraudulent name was hired by The Pike Syndicate to intercept a shipment of rare spice and bring it back to them. However, after acquiring the shipment the bounty hunter did not meet at the rendezvous point. The Pyke Syndicate attempted to question the person whom hired the bounty hunter for the job, but he managed to not make it through their questioning alive.

Thus the Syndicate contacted House Neuvalis to report the bounty hunter. Due to not having any record of employment with them, Embo has turned to you to seek out this bounty hunter and “deal” with the situation. The only thing you know at this point is that the bounty hunter was a male Nikto and that it is possible he is scheduled to meet with the deadly Black Sun Syndicate to off load his spice. However, you managed to track down a facility on Courasant that belonged to Black Sun that could have information on the Nikto and how to find him. After you infiltrated the building you managed to extract the data needed, but Black Sun is hot on your tail…..

The Pyke Syndicate is a dangerous gang that rivals that of Black Sun. However, they mainly deal with the illegal sales of drugs and manufacture of spice….




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