Marv Moray

Human Male Aqusition (Captured)


Marv was one a Union leader in the mining business on Corellia. However, after some shady deals he is now wanted by the Empire for questioning regarding possible bribery and extortion related charges. Bargo’s the Hutt found his name on an employee roster for his newly acquired mine and let you in on the information….

After visiting the mines on Gavos you encountered him holed deep in the mines trying to fend off a murderous EV supervisor droid whom had malfunctioned and wanted to kill Marv and the miners for enslaving them. Marv agreed to come with you under the condition that you would pay his miners the money they are entitled too. However, the greedy Bargos wanted the money all to himself and no effort was given to cut a deal for their money. You handed him over to the Empire for their investigation.

Marv Moray doing what he does best….



Marv Moray

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