Edge of the Empire: Bounty Hunters

Another Hutt deal......
Game on 9/12/2014

Embo has told you that your next acquisition is Marv Moray. A local Hutt by the name of Bargo’s has agreed to tell you where he believes him to be and give you permission to search his newly acquired Ordian Mine. However, it seems Bargo’s is desperate for cash and a scuffle with his ex-bodyguards proves just how desperate Bargo’s is to get information about his new mine and to take the money he so desperately wants. A nice gesture by Duarte has gotten on the good side of Bargo’s by giving him a Jawa sandcrawler as a gift. After you performed HR duties for Bargo’s you went to Gavos to inspect his mining facility. The facility is on a planet with a highly corrosive atmosphere, but the shield generators around the mine keep it safe. After landing there you find that most of the crew is dead and just a handful of droids remain. The investigation is still underway, but the shield generators are going down one by one. There seems to be more to this mine. In addition to not even finding Marv yet, it seems this may be the last planet you ever step on……

Helon, Oskara, Duarte and Orion all got 5 XP for last game. Just let me know at the next game what you want to spend it on or if you want to save it. Great job everyone it was a fun game. See you next game!

The Shadow Roper, a heavy modified Incom A-36 Pathfinder freighter, was given to the group of bounty hunters by Embo to serve as their flagship. It seems to need lots of work and perhaps a shady past….


Tin'kata Captured
It wasn’t long before Sam helped you to find Tin’kata. As Sam meditated for hours searching for the hate and anger that radiated from your acquisition, you all looked at each other in amazement as he brought you straight to him. Sam wasted no time in leaving you to your destiny. He saw fit that his path lay elsewhere, but not to give up on seeing him once again. Tin’kata was not as smart as his bounty hunters. Leaving a large gap and kill zone for his droids to chew his prey alive didn’t seem to make a difference with the wits and skill of his pursuers. Oskara, Duarte and Orion managed to make it out without problems, but one of their new comrades fell hard to the disrupter rifle of Tin’kata. Kyndal’s arm broken in 5 different places managed to open the group’s eyes to the real dangers of bounty hunting. In the end some saw credits; others saw Tin’kata put in prison not to prey on the unwary on Tatooine ever again. Embo paid you your credits and got you onto your next assignment. As a gesture of good faith he provided you with an outdated, but very nice Freighter Star Ship the “Shadow Roper” and advised you to see Bargo’s the Hutt…….

Tin’kata (Jawa Warlord)


Under Tent Cover
August 1st Second Game

Red has finally met his match. Keeping Sam under lock and key for so long has created too much tension and Sam has ended Red once and for all. With the swipe of one vibrosword Red lay bleeding in the sand as everyone watched. Duarte, Kyndal, Orion and Oskara have all managed to save Sam and his parents. Their quick wits and teamwork managed to let them to slip into Red’s tent unnoticed and steal the code cylinders that unlocked Sam’s parents electro collars. It didn’t take long for someone to take wind of the deceit and Red managed to follow Sam to his certain doom. With 287m full of Red’s information and many other things, all of you are now in the desert close to the caravan waiting for Sam to help you find Tin’kata and collect your acquisition so you can get tight with the Bounty Hunter guild……

Duarte, Kyndal, Orion and Oskara got 5XP for this game.


July 18th First Game
Search for Tin'Kata

Embo has tasked you with finding a Male Jawa by the name of Tin’kata. He is rumored to be attacking caravan’s in the West Dune Sea by posing as a trader. You don’t get much about him in town, but you do manage to find out the only survivor of the last attack was a man by the name of Red, a Barabel male. It is said Red runs a caravan of some sorts and after helping “Stormy” fix his machines and a run in with Tusken Raiders you find Red’s position and infiltrate his caravan. You soon find out it is a traveling fighting ring and you meet a very odd young man by the name of Sam whom says he can help you find Tin’kata, but only if you help him to free his parents……

Jen, Joey, Anthony and Beau all get 5 xp for this game.


This is the first post to the Bounty Hunter Campaign I am running. After each game you can reference this page for important information. Images and information for contacts, what happened last game and experience points will all be here. I will confirm attendence using Facebook because the calendar and Forum on this page are for subscribers only and we really don’t need those features. Let me know what you think and if I can do something different to make things easier. Thanks everyone.

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