Edge of the Empire: Bounty Hunters

How water on The Wheel...

You managed to get yourself into some hot water aboard “The Wheel”. It didn’t take too long to bring the Blasted Asteroid Cantina in lock down. Helon managed to take on Yav Yiyar while the others planted a tracking device on “Too Low” Talo. However, Duarte decided to unleash the power of stun grenades and get you put into lock down. 500 credits later, you are released on your own accord and meet up with Reom and get more information about the Sa Nalaor. It appears the hyperspace pod had some information on its last location and Reom wants to split the take 50/50. After your meeting though a rather sly Rodian might have overheard your meeting with Reom and with him getting away it is just a matter of time before the station knows Reom still has the pod. Time is of the essence.

Reom is a Black Market tech junkie who wants the Sa Nalaor’s secrets….


Tale of the Sa Nalaor

After the group gets ready to take on their next big acquisition, they are rudely interrupted by an Imperial Entanglement. Helon managed to secure his rogue Wookiee hacker and squared away a deal that managed to take him off the deserter list for the Empire. However, you drank the night away with Embo at Club Celsius and managed to hear the tale of the Sa Nalaor. An old CIS banking Clan Frigate that was rumored to have disappeared during the Clone Wars. Embo states that he has first hand knowledge that there is a message pod that was found recently almost 20 years after the Sa Nalaor was last seen fleeing from the newly found Empire. This message pod was given to an administrator of the Wheel called Reom. Embo managed to get you a sit down with the CEO of IsoTech and the first chance to lay claim to finding the Sa Nalaor and bring out a bounty that has been on the Black List for almost 15 years…… Visage Yiyar


Spice for a Wampa

It didn’t take long before you started researching the Manarai Mountains for your possible heist of spice that is scheduled for delivery there. The only way onto the mountains is through tour guides at the base of the mountain, however they are closely monitored. Duarte hears through the wind that a Virpine by the name of Oo’lan Rah smuggles illegal goods around the base of the mountain. After you contact Oo’lan Rah he agrees to help you get to the rendezvous point under one condition, that you help him in the future if necessary. Once you got there you managed to get between a spice trade for a Wampa and after the gun smoke cleared you managed to nab the spice shipment. Now that Katos is finally in the Syndicate’s grasp and your debts to Black Sun are paid off, it is time for some rest and relaxation. The ship needs maintenance and supplies are in order before plotting a course to “The Wheel” which is the start of your next search for your acquisition…..

Oo’lan Rah tries o fix a bad motivator before being contacted by Duarte for an easy smuggling job…themselves……


Breaking Spice....

We started our story last game in the restricted areas of Zelcomm Tower. There you discovered a ring of illegal weapons trading. You confronted the thugs loading the weapons and took them all out but one. He managed to tell you everything he knew about the shipments and most importantly a back way out. You then decided to go and check out Sector 943 which is a current Novacore Factory. It is here that you believe Kaa’to is at. You went to the facility to find that it is currently in use and under the control of some Mustafarians. They confront you and you are able to convince them that you are looking for an acquisition. You go into the back of the facility and find not only Kaa’to, but also his Z95-AF4 Headhunter called Blade’s Edge is in a large exhaust port no longer in use. You managed to take Kaa’to down and deliver him to the Pyke Syndicate. However, you refrained from giving them the spice shipment you found on the Blade’s Edge. You then found a message on Kaa’to’s ship about a possible spice shipment ripe for stealing. Its destination information is listed as Manarai Mountains which is the one of the only natural landmarks left on Coruscant. You may need some help on this one….

Blades Edge a Z95 Headhunter…..


A debt to Black Sun

With Coruscant police on your trail you decide to lay low and investigate one of Kaa’to Leeachos’s normal stomping grounds, The Spyder. It is a normal gaming club with one exception. It is known to be a front for Black Sun activity whom also wants to speak with you regarding the data taken just earlier from their surveillance warehouse. Listening to whispers and others at the club you managed to talk with Verannis, a Black Sun Vigo. Verannis is a cool and calm Falleen whom made it very clear that the shipment of spice was supposed to be delivered to them and to pay back their loses at the warehouse you had agreed to give him the spice shipment you find. The sound of his voice tells you that if you fail to do so could result in your untimely demise. After you gathered information at the Spyder you went to Zelcomm Tower to investigate its connection to Kaa’to. While Duarte and Kyndal distracted the facility, Oskara, Helon and Orion slipped in and found information related to arms shipments. After a few close calls they soon found themselves in a hangar bay where many thugs are loading arms shipments. It isn’t long before they see you….

Verannis is not a person to mess with. His voice alone gives you shivers….


A wanted Nikto

You were recently tasked by Embo to find a Nikto whom stated he worked for House Neuvalis. This Nikto stated that he would intercept a spice shipment for the Spyke Syndicate. However, the Spice shipment never came to its destination and leads have come up dry. Embo has tasked you to locate him. In negotiations with the Spyke Syndicate it appears that they not only want the Spice back but they would also like to talk or see that the Nikto is dealt with. After blowing your way into and out of a Black Sun information house, you also managed to blow out The Umbra club trying to find Speng, a human male, whom is stated to know who the Nikto was. The Nikto’s name is Kaa’to Leeachos, The heat is on thick. Not only is Corusant security on your tail, but Black Sun is also investigating the confrontation at the warehouse. It is not safe to leave your hotel, but you must get to Kaa’to soon, or else he and the shipment will be gone for good.
Kaa’to Leeachos is a low life smuggler with a taste for unwanted trouble. He leaves bodies in his wake….


Tracking a Nikto

After a little rest and relaxation, you get contacted by Embo for your next acquisition. Apparently a rogue bounty hunter has been using House Neuvalis as a cover for his operations. The bounty hunter whom had gone by a fraudulent name was hired by The Pike Syndicate to intercept a shipment of rare spice and bring it back to them. However, after acquiring the shipment the bounty hunter did not meet at the rendezvous point. The Pyke Syndicate attempted to question the person whom hired the bounty hunter for the job, but he managed to not make it through their questioning alive.

Thus the Syndicate contacted House Neuvalis to report the bounty hunter. Due to not having any record of employment with them, Embo has turned to you to seek out this bounty hunter and “deal” with the situation. The only thing you know at this point is that the bounty hunter was a male Nikto and that it is possible he is scheduled to meet with the deadly Black Sun Syndicate to off load his spice. However, you managed to track down a facility on Courasant that belonged to Black Sun that could have information on the Nikto and how to find him. After you infiltrated the building you managed to extract the data needed, but Black Sun is hot on your tail…..

The Pyke Syndicate is a dangerous gang that rivals that of Black Sun. However, they mainly deal with the illegal sales of drugs and manufacture of spice….


Droids and Miners

EV-8D3 may have gotten away, but you still got your man. With the help of Helon and Orion they managed to stop “Lookout”, a Arakyd Searcher 2050 Exploration Droid, from destroying the shield generators that protected the mining facility long enough for you to collect Marv and get off planet. It seems that with an extended amount of time between memory wipes and lack of investments into the maintenance of the droids somehow had caused the droids to revolt. Unfortunately EV got away, but Marv was willing to come with you under the condition that the miners would get the pay they worked for and desperately needed. However a deal wasn’t cut with Bargos and they got pink slips instead of the money they deserved. It’s a rough galaxy out there isn’t it? You got a very welcomed payday along with the papers into your guild. Each one of you are now licensed bounty hunters in House Neuvalis. You are carefully instructed in the “The Bounty Hunter Code” and are set free to spend your money and to wait for your next assignment. Our heroes are currently docked on Tatooine with open space at their fingertips.

EV-8D3 attempts to fix his droid minions to further his twisted goals…..


Another Hutt deal......
Game on 9/12/2014

Embo has told you that your next acquisition is Marv Moray. A local Hutt by the name of Bargo’s has agreed to tell you where he believes him to be and give you permission to search his newly acquired Ordian Mine. However, it seems Bargo’s is desperate for cash and a scuffle with his ex-bodyguards proves just how desperate Bargo’s is to get information about his new mine and to take the money he so desperately wants. A nice gesture by Duarte has gotten on the good side of Bargo’s by giving him a Jawa sandcrawler as a gift. After you performed HR duties for Bargo’s you went to Gavos to inspect his mining facility. The facility is on a planet with a highly corrosive atmosphere, but the shield generators around the mine keep it safe. After landing there you find that most of the crew is dead and just a handful of droids remain. The investigation is still underway, but the shield generators are going down one by one. There seems to be more to this mine. In addition to not even finding Marv yet, it seems this may be the last planet you ever step on……

Helon, Oskara, Duarte and Orion all got 5 XP for last game. Just let me know at the next game what you want to spend it on or if you want to save it. Great job everyone it was a fun game. See you next game!

The Shadow Roper, a heavy modified Incom A-36 Pathfinder freighter, was given to the group of bounty hunters by Embo to serve as their flagship. It seems to need lots of work and perhaps a shady past….


Tin'kata Captured
It wasn’t long before Sam helped you to find Tin’kata. As Sam meditated for hours searching for the hate and anger that radiated from your acquisition, you all looked at each other in amazement as he brought you straight to him. Sam wasted no time in leaving you to your destiny. He saw fit that his path lay elsewhere, but not to give up on seeing him once again. Tin’kata was not as smart as his bounty hunters. Leaving a large gap and kill zone for his droids to chew his prey alive didn’t seem to make a difference with the wits and skill of his pursuers. Oskara, Duarte and Orion managed to make it out without problems, but one of their new comrades fell hard to the disrupter rifle of Tin’kata. Kyndal’s arm broken in 5 different places managed to open the group’s eyes to the real dangers of bounty hunting. In the end some saw credits; others saw Tin’kata put in prison not to prey on the unwary on Tatooine ever again. Embo paid you your credits and got you onto your next assignment. As a gesture of good faith he provided you with an outdated, but very nice Freighter Star Ship the “Shadow Roper” and advised you to see Bargo’s the Hutt…….

Tin’kata (Jawa Warlord)



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