Edge of the Empire: Bounty Hunters

Tale of the Sa Nalaor

After the group gets ready to take on their next big acquisition, they are rudely interrupted by an Imperial Entanglement. Helon managed to secure his rogue Wookiee hacker and squared away a deal that managed to take him off the deserter list for the Empire. However, you drank the night away with Embo at Club Celsius and managed to hear the tale of the Sa Nalaor. An old CIS banking Clan Frigate that was rumored to have disappeared during the Clone Wars. Embo states that he has first hand knowledge that there is a message pod that was found recently almost 20 years after the Sa Nalaor was last seen fleeing from the newly found Empire. This message pod was given to an administrator of the Wheel called Reom. Embo managed to get you a sit down with the CEO of IsoTech and the first chance to lay claim to finding the Sa Nalaor and bring out a bounty that has been on the Black List for almost 15 years…… Visage Yiyar




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