Edge of the Empire: Bounty Hunters

Breaking Spice....

We started our story last game in the restricted areas of Zelcomm Tower. There you discovered a ring of illegal weapons trading. You confronted the thugs loading the weapons and took them all out but one. He managed to tell you everything he knew about the shipments and most importantly a back way out. You then decided to go and check out Sector 943 which is a current Novacore Factory. It is here that you believe Kaa’to is at. You went to the facility to find that it is currently in use and under the control of some Mustafarians. They confront you and you are able to convince them that you are looking for an acquisition. You go into the back of the facility and find not only Kaa’to, but also his Z95-AF4 Headhunter called Blade’s Edge is in a large exhaust port no longer in use. You managed to take Kaa’to down and deliver him to the Pyke Syndicate. However, you refrained from giving them the spice shipment you found on the Blade’s Edge. You then found a message on Kaa’to’s ship about a possible spice shipment ripe for stealing. Its destination information is listed as Manarai Mountains which is the one of the only natural landmarks left on Coruscant. You may need some help on this one….

Blades Edge a Z95 Headhunter…..




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