Edge of the Empire: Bounty Hunters

Spice for a Wampa

It didn’t take long before you started researching the Manarai Mountains for your possible heist of spice that is scheduled for delivery there. The only way onto the mountains is through tour guides at the base of the mountain, however they are closely monitored. Duarte hears through the wind that a Virpine by the name of Oo’lan Rah smuggles illegal goods around the base of the mountain. After you contact Oo’lan Rah he agrees to help you get to the rendezvous point under one condition, that you help him in the future if necessary. Once you got there you managed to get between a spice trade for a Wampa and after the gun smoke cleared you managed to nab the spice shipment. Now that Katos is finally in the Syndicate’s grasp and your debts to Black Sun are paid off, it is time for some rest and relaxation. The ship needs maintenance and supplies are in order before plotting a course to “The Wheel” which is the start of your next search for your acquisition…..

Oo’lan Rah tries o fix a bad motivator before being contacted by Duarte for an easy smuggling job…themselves……




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